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Hi, I’m Sam Gibbs Morris, I am a thought leadr, speakr, author, men’s retreat facilitator, spiritual teacher, and The Hippie Kowboy™; I'm also a huge sports fan and dad joke promoter.


I am devoted to teaching men to create capacity in their nervous system so that they can gracefully step into the next evolution of their masculinity to better receive and hold the entirety of their lives, especially the feminine energy and the life force within themselves


I spent 40 years of my life hoping that people and the external world would save me; it wasn’t until I deeply healed and took radical ownership that was my job, and only my job, did I finally figure out who I really am; what I really am.

I achieved becoming a very high-level tennis player. It took me all the way through college where I received a scholarship and I played #1 for my college team. When my tennis career came to an end, the downward spiral began. I fell deep into a shame-fueled abyss of drugs and alcohol. I ended up in jail 20+ times, rehab six times, and in 2009 I attempted suicide by jumping off the second-story balcony of a bar; a 35 ft fall to the pavement below.


When I pulled myself out of that darkness, I found my purpose and I embarked on my mission- to guide men to expand their capacity to hold and to experience their entire lives. I hold space for men to seek their edges, lean into their edges and transcnd their edges. It's the same process that got me to where I am.


Through my journey of expansion, I have sat with shamans deep in the Peruvian Amazon for 3-weeks, gone to the depth of my shadows and been witnessed there by 332 other men on the coast of Oregon, lived solo in Tulum for 8 months to really go inward with myself, and now I'm here to guide you to back to yourself.


Right now I have never felt more like myself and the inner knowing of myself grows deeper all the time.


I am the person to guide you to your edges, to transcnd them, and to become an embodied masculine presence because this has been my path.  


As a child, I physically needed saving and I took that belief with me throughout my entire life; I needed to be saved in order to survive and to be loved- being saved was my love language.


I ended up living in a prison built by my own edges for 40 years. I was always hoping the next girlfriend, job, bottle of booze, or geographic move would save me. 


It wasn’t until I started trusting myself that I actually started saving myself, and truly living my life as an embodied masculine presnce.


My edges stopped being my prison when I stopped looking away from them.


Men- I’m here for you, waving my flag high, to guide you to your edges, to hold you while you lean into them, and then lead you beyond them.

Are you ready to transcnd your edges?

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