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Calibrate Your Xperience™


Psychedelic Preparation &

Integration Coaching

When it comes to sitting with plant medicines and earth medicines, the ceremony itself is less than 5% of the work.


The ceremony is a vital experience but what you do after the sit, is where all the benefits and magic exists.


Psychedelics are powerful healers, and they are accelerants. What happens in the 8-9 hours of an ayahuasca journey or the 30-45 minutes of a Bufo ceremony will absolutely change your entire life and your perception of everything.


That is exactly why the integration is 95% of the work and it’s where 95% of the value lives.


If you don’t incorporate all the new information, feelings, and downloads into your post-ceremony life, it will not end well.


When you sit with any of these medicines you are given the opportunity to look at your edges, to shine a light on your dark parts, and on the other side, you get to build the life you want.


Psychedelics will clear your bandwidth and they will churn up things you didn’t know about that you need to know about to move forward.


The integration process is vital to taking advantage of what you are now aware of and all the clear bandwidth you now have.


Without proper integration, you are inviting old behavior patterns, old limiting beliefs, old shadows back into your new existence.


By diving courageously into a psychedelic ceremony you have established a new baseline to operate from.


Integration is about solidifying that new baseline so that you can reach new levels of freedom.

Give yourself permission the welcome the new with grace and courage.


My 4-month 4-phase preparation & integration protocol will guide you through every step of the process.


Phase 1 - Preparation {Pre Ceremony}

What you bring to your ceremony or journey is extremely important to the experience that you will have in the actual ceremony. These medicines, earth or plant, are hyper-intelligent and they begin communicating with you from the moment you commit to sitting with them. This phase is designed to get you aligned with your intentions and out of the expectation game. You WILL be ready for your ceremony.


Phase 2 - Landing {Post Ceremony}

You will have an enhanced awareness of yourself, your energy, and your surroundings. This phase is designed to get radically clear about what is serving your highest evolution and what is holding you back


Phase 3 - Alignmnt

This phase is about massive action and radical commitmnt. You get to choose what stays and what goes. You get to choose your experience from this moment forward.


Phase 4 - Embodimnt

This phase is about tapping into your Northstar. It’s time to be with all the newness and let everything that you’ve chosen for yourself land in your vortex.


From here on out your only job is to stay at your new vibration and to be about your NorthStar no matter what.

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