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The best thing that I have ever done to grow and move further away from my destructive behavior associated with drugs and alcohol was to leave Alcoholics Anonymous.


AA was amazing for me, it gave me everything I needed in 2012 when I finally decided to end my destructive behavior.


It gave me the foundation with which I was able to build an actual life. 


It gave me the space to do the legwork when I had no idea what was next for me.


It was there for me when life showed up and I need support.


Then it stopped serving me and my highest evolution as a man. I was craving movement and growth and it wasn’t going to happen if I stayed in AA.


It became cyclical and it stopped helping me move forward. In a way, it was keeping me stuck.


Stuck in the same conversations, same patterns, and same ways of thinking.


To be very honest, I felt like I was going backward.


If I had stayed there, I was going to be at risk of falling back into some very bad ways.


So I left. 

I chose to say a full fuck yes to myself.


I was leaning too much on AA, I wasn’t trusting myself and it was showing up in every area of my life.


I was repeating the same patterns that I had been repeating for five years; at first looking at those patterns was helpful.


I recognized that it stopped being helpful to repeatedly look at the same shit.


The patterns were repeating and the stories were repeating.


So I stepped into the unknown, the fear, and into trusting myself.


I took this step with radical awareness and commitment.


If I was going to do this, I needed to really, really look at what was next, what did I have to do differently to catalyze that growth.


The things that I found on the other side have been mind-blowing.


I've grown more since I left AA than I did in the previous 15 combined.


I was willing to step out of the repeating pattern and into growth, into uncomfortableness, and into the unknown.

So here's the deal.


I'm a men's leadership coach, I guide men to expand their lives, expand their consciousness, to transcnd their edges, and into living a new, amplified human experience.


So if you're a man, and you have five, FIVE, or more years "sober" (quotes because we will change what that word means to you) and you're thinking about leaving AA because you're thinking the same things I was thinking.


It’s time to trust yourself and take the leap.


Extraordinary is waiting for you.











New levels of all the things are available.


All you have to do is trust yourself.

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