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Surrendr Retreats: Services

The Surrendr Xperience

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Transcnd Your Edges

Be a warrior. Don't be at war.

Go to your edges. Transcnd Your Edges.

The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy is waiting for you.

Image by Lucas Davies
Image by Fabio Fistarol
The Amazon Rainforest in Peru.jpg

The Surrendr Xperience™

3-Day Immersion

Step into the arena, meet your edges, and transcnd your edges.
Apply For The 3-Day Immrsion

The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy™

5-Day Immersion

Landing Fall 2022
Apply For The 5-Day Immrsion


11-Day Deep Immersion

Landing Spring 2023 
Apply For The 11-Day Immrsion
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