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Transcnd Your Edges™


Men's Leadership Coaching

Seek Your Edges | Lean Into Your Edges | Transcnd Your Edges

That is not a typo above; I have left the "e" out of transcnd because in order to truly step into whom you're meant to be you must get your ego in check.


True leadership, truly diving masculine, real king energy requires you to leave your ignoble ego out of it.


As men, we are leaders. This is a fact that has been forgotten and it’s time for it to be remembered. Whether you’ve admitted to yourself or not, claimed it or not, or stepped into that energy or not, you are a leader.


To be radically honest with you, brother... It’s time you start acting accordingly.

It’s time to stop fucking about with your life. It's time to find out what you're actually capable of, and what impact you can have on this world.

Ordinary will not cut it going forward.

The next evolution of you is going to require your to go full fucking send on yourself.


The edges that you know are there and haven’t shed light on yet are calling you to them. It’s time you go to them, lean into them, and to transcnd them.


In order to be a truly safe masculine and provide the deep protection that is your duty as a man, you need to expand.


It’s time for you to go "there".

There - noun - the place you’ve been afraid to go to up until now.


This is where I come in.


I am The Full Fuck Yes Cowboy™; I will be your sherpa to guide you to your edges, hold you while you lean into them, and then blast you off when you transcnd them.


It will be my honor to coach you and guide you on this journey to the next most high version of you, to your Northstar.


Your Northstar - noun - The man you know you’re capable of becoming and the life that man is capable of living every day.


My program is simple and also deep.


We will go "there", and I will guide you every step of the way.


I am the safe place that you’ve always needed to confront your deepest fears, your insecurities, and the stories that you don’t share with ANYBODY, maybe not even yourself.


Phase I - Clearing

We excavate. We go digging and we clear your bandwidth of everything that is no longer serving you.


Phase II - Alignmnt (also not a typo, this is a no “e”go zone)

Now that we’ve cleared away what we needed to clear, you will have the clarity to see align and claim what you truly desire, the man and the life you know you’re meant for and that you deserve.


Phase III - Receiving

Now you’re ready for all the good shit.

“If you want good shit to fall into your lap, clear your lap, put your lap where good shit falls, and then keep it there.” This phase is about keeping your lap where good shit falls; no matter what.


Phase IV - Embodimnt

Now it’s time for you to go be about it.

It - noun - Your Northstar.

Transcend your edges and be the embodiment of the leader you're meant to be and tap into the divine masculine energy that your world is calling you to..


When you say yes to yourself, your entire world also gets a yes.


Welcome to The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy.

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