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Ways To Work With Me

When you're ready to truly find out who you're capable of being and the life you're capable of living, I will be your guide. 


When you're ready to transcnd your edges and become an embodied masculine presnce, I will be your teacher.


When you're ready for all of it, I am here to be your lead you to the next evolution of you. 

Transcnd Your Edges™

Masculine Presnce Leadership

I work with men that are committd to stepping into their highest expression as leaders by expanding their capacity to fully experience and hold their life.

When it comes to masculinity and your role as a leader and a protector in this world, it is vital that you don't imprison yourself with your own edges.

My leadership coaching is all about finding out what you're capable of as a man and as a leader.

Calibrate Your Xperience™

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coaching

I'm going to be really upfront here, the most important part of the psychedelic journey is not the psychedelic journey.

The most important parts of the entire process are what you do leading up to the ceremony or journey and what you do for the 3-6 months after you sit with the medicine.

That being said, sitting with the medicine is paramount to healing and growth.

My psychedelic coaching is designed to get you to take off and then give you all the landing gear you need to integrate everything you're taking with you from the ceremony.

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