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Embodied Masculine Expert

My name is Sam Gibbs Morris, I am the founder of The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy™; I am on a mission to impact 500 million men to embody their highest expression, stop betraying themselves, and step into their safe, divine masculine protector roles by expanding their capacity to hold all of their entire life.


I would love the opportunity to bring my wisdom, life experience and value to your event. 


Here are a few of my topic areas that I can speak in great depth about that could benefit your audience:


Why Self-trust Is So Important

  • How to stop betraying yourself and start saying yes to your life

  • Living a life you’re in love with is a birthright, not a privilege you must earn

  • Self-love is powerful, however without self-trust it's incomplete


The Power of The Egoless Surrendr

  • When we can let go of our ego we can truly surrendr to the full experience of our lives

  • True surrendr leads to radical presence, greater intimacy, and ultimate fulfillment

  • Ego death is not the goal, full ego integration is


What Divine Safe Masculinity Actually Is

  • How love, consciousness, vulnerability, and present moment awareness can guide us to strength without domination, and leadership without force.

  • Be a warrior, don’t be at war

  • Transcnd your edges and expand your capacity to hold your emotions, and your entire human experience


How to Achieve Somatic Embodiment

  • Heal trauma and transcnd your edges to become the safe embodiment of a warrior king, and make the world a safer place for the feminine energies to thrive

  • It is our duty as divine masculine, to protect and hold the feminine energy that is the life-force of the planet

  • Access the wisdom of your somatic body


The Healing Power of Psychedelic Medicines

  • Psychedelics have the potential everything for you

  • Integration of a psychedelic experience is where 95% of the benefit lives

  • How psychedelic experiences can translate to new life skills

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